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Posted on 9. Juli 2017

But…what is a flashmob?

If you see a herd of unicorns in the streets, don’t doubt your eyes – just follow them!

On the 30th of September we’ll create something truly magnificent, something that will be written in all magic and non-magic history books:

The UNICORN-FLASHMOB the Event of the Year 2017!

But…what is a flashmob?
The term “flashmob“ stands for a short, seemingly spontaneous gathering of people in public or half-public places in which the participants don’t know each other, but pull off unusual, unique actions together.
Flashmobs are a special form of expression of the virtual community that uses new media like mobile phones and the internet to organize collective actions.

The information about this event is spread via online-communities, weblogs, newsgroups, e-mail or mobile phones. The organizers always set place and time, often there is even detailled information about the action itself and the gear to bring along. If there’s no such information the participants will meet at said location to get the necessary details.
Then everything is ready! The flashmob is started by a single person or a few chosen people at the appointed place, during the next few seconds as many people as possible start to join in. This snaplike, for others totally surprising development of a mob and the identical actions of the mob-participants (eg. applauding, singing, dancing…) provide the flashmob’s name and might seem pointless, but the actions also can have a clearly defined statement.

That’s where you enter the game. Get your friends, colleagues and all the other unicorns you’re able to find, dress up in your unicorn costumes, take your unicorn-gadgets and join in!
The venue for all unicorns should be the town square/market place.
Shape the flashmob how you like! Have fun, sing, dance if you feel like it, show the world that things immediately can get better with a bit glitter and a good laugh.

Set you and the others free along the lines of “if nothing works at all, keep calm and trust in unicorns“ and let us all spread a bit fun, happiness and glitter in the world!

No matter if it’s in London or Glasgow, Edinburgh, Leicester, Birmingham or Manchester, Cambridge or Dover – we wanna see the unicorns!

And I bet (even considering that unicorns are very shy) that there are LOADS of these magical creatures.

Be a part of the Unicorn Flashmob

Being a unicorn just for one day…your dream comes true! It will be amazing. It will be fabulous. It will be UNICORNTASTIC!
The whole country, the whole WORLD will be going unicorn-crazy and will be writing a story in which you are the main characters!

The streets will be full of unicorns and the people will be surprised because usually you rarely ever see them.

Bring along whatever a unicorn needs for a walk through the city: maybe a bit of unicorn liquor, some chocolate cookies (I heard they really like them :D) and, not to forget: glitter. What would a unicorn be without glitter? Every unicorn hast to have a bit glitter in it’s pocket, cause that is it’s job: making the lifes of all people a bit more magical and sparkly and to spread love in the world.

No matter how fucked up your life is at the moment, sprinkle a bit glitter over it and everything will be alright…well, at least better. Maybe you even want to pack some glitter or little hearts in bags and give them to the passengers? Because everybody needs some glitter from time to time. The people will thank you with a smile!

Of course even unicorns need a break during their trips. Nice humans who could imagine to donate some magic juice or little snacks would really do us and all the unicorns a favour. Maybe we could find some comfy places where the unicorns can rest, regain their powers and supply the people around with glitter and joy. It would be amazing if some sponsors would get in touch with us to help us handle the unicorns 🙂

Unicorns are very peaceful beings, and we don’t want to delete this image. Therefore think about the most necessary things for being happy: Joy, peace, coherence, love….and of course a bit glitter 😉

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